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Henderson Web Design – Payment Options

Many people and small businesses shy away from getting good design which is what they need and deserve. The reason is always price. So they go with whomever is cheapest. Mind you I am not saying ALL small businesses do this but many. When you do not have custom or even customized design and control of your own site to change or update products, posts, pricing, photos and so on, you are depending on another company and trusting them to make updates. But if you have no access to your own site how do you know if they are doing it or not? We make a huge impact on that for you. We not only teach you how to do your own updates and take back full control of your own site but we also work with you to manage your site if you do not have the time. At any time at your convenience you can log in to the back end of your site and see if there are any updates that need to be made and see what changes we have made and updated.

Another problem is the 50/50 rule. Most companies (including ours until this year) would take a 50% payment for the site creation and design upfront and then 50% upon completion. We want to extend to you our payment options. If you are more comfortable with payments over a 6 month or 3 month or even 12 month period of time we can accommodate you. We want your site to be live not just for your small or large businesses sake but also for our own sake. So we can promote your site and put it in our portfolio to show everyone. Many other companies will not relinquish your site or even make it live until final payment is made but we trust our clients, always have and always will, to make good on payments while their site is live and we are in training mode or even past it. So if you are looking for Web Design in Henderson, NV. or anywhere in the country, you can count on us to deliver and work with you on your budget restrictions and create a custom payment plan for you.


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