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Heart and Soul of an Entrepreneur

I have often said on Facebook and other social media outlets if you don’t like your job find out your passion in life and quit you job to work on your passion. Mine is design, all things design. Now it sounds easy, just do it like Nike right? But what I don’t say is how hard it actually is. So I am going to now.

Becoming an Entrepreneur is difficult. Very difficult. Especially if you have a family of 6 and you are the soul bread winner. There are a lot of sleepless nights, depression, exhilaration, ups and downs, highs and lows, peaks and valleys. It has its risks and it also has its rewards. It is challenging yet fulfilling beyond your wildest dreams. To get up in the morning, take your time starting your day then getting to work takes a whole lot of self discipline. If you have it, then you have it. If you have a burning desire that you feel like you were meant for something greater and you feel uncomfortable and displeased with having a boss or someone to report to you may have the Entrepreneurial bug. Let it bite you hard and sink into it.

There are many worrisome nights, sleepless nights and you want to be at your best and perform your best but sometimes looking back now, it was hard. Very hard. Knowing you did not have enough money for rent, food, groceries or insurance. The stress of it all makes you doubt yourself but if you can get through that it is nothing but better and to the top. You need to handle that stress and still perform your duties as a husband or wife and remain calm so no one knows you don’t have rent. I am not talking about not telling your wife, I am talking about not having to mention it to your children because you don’t want them to begin to stress out about such things at early ages when it is unnecessary. You just need to take every conflict or complication as a way to find an answer and make an opportunity about it.

In the beginning and for a long time, years maybe. You will have to be the brand of your company, your name, face, voice, logo, site and everything is your brand. It’s your baby. You have to be the salesman, the developer, the designer (in my line of work) you have to be the accountant, you have to be everything because you have to build that up and in doing so you will then know how to hire the right people to take over those jobs once you have the income to do so. Because by then you have done it all and now you just need to teach others the back end of your company.

This may sound as a depressing piece about becoming an entrepreneur but keep in mind. I would not change anything about it, nothing about my past and where it has gotten me today and I would not look back in regret. I still love what I do and learn so much from the same leaders in my industry. Never stop learning, always respect your competition and the companies that are far better and more accelerated than you because that is what you want to be and where you want to be.

It is a long hard road but one worth taking the risk on. You can feel safe and comfortable with a regular job and a salary cap but once you turn on that entrepreneur engine, there is no salary cap and you fight like hell through all of the negativity trying to keep you down, ignore it or use it to learn from. People will tell you you can’t do it, they are just saying that into a mirror because they cannot. You can. I love giving advise to people and opening up everything to them from my mistakes to my successes. So if you want to chat just send me an email if you are just starting out and we will schedule a phone call. clay@bluclay.com



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