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With a passion for all things design we started only with Google AdWords and once we tracked this progress back to the design of the sites our ads were leading to it was clear that the reason people were leaving was because of the design of the site itself. The user interaction and user experience. When people do not like the look or “feel” of the site they are on or nowadays more importantly, if they have to pinch and zoom just to make the content legible it is easier to leave the page and find another site more suited to their individual design needs and preferences. With tracking our design and proving how it works it only made sense to expand on this. Once a site is perfected it only seems right to be the designers of all other graphics whether they are for business cards, brochures, stationary and anything else their target audience would desire.

All design has a higher function than we actually realize. The power of design is on a deep subconscious level. More than 90% of all people buy a good or product based on color alone. This is no different when someone is browsing your website. It may seem far fetched but your end users expect you to know what they like and what they want and that is precisely it. It is our job to find that out. To test and research colors, photographs, typography, flow and every aspect of your branding whether it is on the site or on your postcards or how your employees dress. It all matters. To give you the proof of all of this all you have to do is ask. We have many documented facts on design theory, how it has been applied and why is works. This is not a “feeling” but backed by actual evidence and factual proof.

“An electrician isn’t an opinion former, but a graphic designer is. My argument is that all graphic designers hold high levels of responsibility in society. We take invisible ideas and make them tangible. That’s our job.”


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